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Party Caribbean consists of a small effective team committed to supporting and promoting all Caribbean events across the globe.

We have a very broad, diverse customer base and deliver specialist services for organisations & individuals within the entertainment industry.

Flights 90%
Travel Packages 80%
Cruises 65%


Our mission at Party Caribbean is to continue to promote Caribbean culture, music and arts globally through our website, radio station, TV channel (coming soon) and all our social media.

We are and will continue to achieve this by building bridges with all like minded parties globally from the Islands to Continents through travel, entertainment and engagement.

It is our passion to encourage greater participation in carnivals with customers securing costumes and event tickets to the host carnival they are visiting, a one stop shop experience from flight to hotel, Rum, Fete, J’ouvert and Carnival!

Why us?

The Party Caribbean team has over 12 years of combined travel and event management experience: with extensive knowledge and expertise in travel packages, tours, carnivals and music festivals. Party Caribbean can flexibly source and deliver travel packages or event management services with exuberant confidence.

Our strategy is derived from our values, our passion and dedicated to understanding the needs of our customers working in partnership with global service providers to ensure delivery is beyond our customers highest expectations with skill and aptitude, resulting in an ultimate experience!

We are proud to serve you, work with you and look forward to hearing from you.



Justin Nathaniel – CEO & Operations Director

Justin has over 15 years of Event Management experience dating back to his early teenage years in Grenada where, as a DJ under the guidance of heavy hitters like DJ Harrow, DJ Hotwax & DJ Vicor playing at Sugar Mill, The Limes, Bains Hall and many more , he managed his first series of events at the Boca Secondary School Summer Fair.

2002 was a year of many blessings for Justin. He attended City University studying the “Creative Industries”. In June of the same year, he beat off fierce competition to take up the post of Event Manager of the London Notting Hill Carnival (subsequently called “Head of Events and Public Safety”). a position he held until 2008. Despite moving on run his own events company, you can still find Justin at the Judging Point every year managing the logistics of the performance floats as they make ready and cross the stage, and promoting his culture.

August 2002 begun celebrations for the Queens’ “Golden Jubilee” and the London Notting Hill Carnival was commissioned to present a two-day show portraying the many facets of carnivals arts at the Royal Opera House. The operations manager was so impressed by the manner in which Justin stage managed the event that he was offered a “Stage Technician” post there and then! So while working at the London Notting Hill Carnival, Justin delivered Opera and Ballet performances at the Royal Opera House, something he continued to do until 2014. Justin is proud to have delivered what he refers to as his two favourite jobs.

As his journey continues, if you don’t find him delivering clients events/projects or one of Party Caribbean’s tours then you may find him at the University of London where his continued studies has taken him to explore travel and tourism to ensure Party Caribbean provides the best possible experiences for you!

Justin is so passionate about the arts and its endless potential that he has made it his life’s mission to build bridges and partnership across the globe to effectively promote the positive cultural impacts of the carnival arts and look at ways to address and disprove the negative ones one step and a time. 


Debi Gardner – Business Development Director

Considered one of the most influential women in UK carnival arts, Party Caribbean was conceptualised by Debi.

An Executive Officer of the British Association of Steelbands (BAS), Debi is a practising panist, She is a member of Mangrove Steel Band (London) and performs annually with Phase II Pan Groove (Trinidad).

Debi has served as a Trustee of the Notting Hill Carnival and North East Carnival Arts (Newcastle), as well as with community focused organisations such as the Paddington Development Trust. She is passionate about developing and empowering others. As Economic Development Manager for the UK Centre for Carnival Arts, she established the Centre’s business hub to nurture artists and those not in education, employment or training. She also founded BAS’ youth engagement project to inspire young people and future leaders across the carnival arts community. She is currently working with Caribbean partners to develop an internationally recognised qualification for steel pan tutors.

Debi promotes empowerment, financial independence and equality. Her research into the Somali Diaspora was published. In 2013, she worked with the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism to host the first international conference for visiting artists. This was followed by the inaugural meeting of an international network of steel band organisations. Her achievements have been widely celebrated. She has received three achievement awards and is featured on When Steel Talks. In 2013, She was privileged to attend an inaugural event honouring some of the UK’s most influential black women.

Although Debi’s priorities means she is not often seen out with Party Caribbean, she remains active behind the scenes and is regularly found working late in to the night ensuring everything we do we always brings you the true party vibe and leaves you with happy memories.


Michelle Phillip – Events Director 

Kent Jack – Media Director 


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