European Carnivals

European Carnivals

A collection of major Carnivals located throughout Europe.

We can offer you custom packages from your point of origin to your carnival of choice to include:

  1. Travel (Air, Train, Bus, Cruise)
  2. Accommodation (2*, 3*,4* and 5* Hotel and Villa properties with meals of choice)
  3. Event Tickets (we have multiple events posted on our website that we can include in your package)
  4. Costumes* (we work with the local masquerade bands to offer you the ultimate participation experience!)

So spectate or participate the choice is yours and we’re happy to help you every step of the way!

*Costumes are carnivals related products.

  • Luton Carnival

  • Preston Carnival

  • Northampton Carnival

  • St. Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival

  • Huddersfield Carnival

  • Derby Carnival

  • Rotterdam Carnival

  • Leicester Carnival

  • Manchester Carnival

  • Nottingham Carnival

  • Leeds Carnival

  • Notting Hill Carnival